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Project Holder : Rt.Rev.Dr. G.Devakadasham

Project Co- Ordinator : Adv. D. Abraham Nelson Asir

The Child and Youth Care project of our Diocese has presently eleven units comprising four Day Care Centers and seven Homes including the two special Homes, one in Chithirancode/Koticode and the other in Alancode. All these Homes and Day Care Centers have been supported by the Kinder Not Hilfe, Duisberg, Germany through the Churches’ Council for Child and Youth Care, Bangalore. The two special homes receive some assistance from the government of Tamilnadu.

K.N.H.Children’s Home Eathavilai-Project No.20653

Manager: Mrs. M. Janet Abraham

Warden: Ms. Y.Selvathy

The following is the statistical breakdown of the children and the staff.

Total number of children                                 62

KNH Sponsored-up to X Standard                32

Extended- Inside                                              17

Extended-outside                                             08

Fee Paying                                                        05


Warden                                    1

Asst. Warden                          1

Cook                                        1

Helper                                     1

Tuition teacher                       1

Total number of staff             5

The CSI Children’s home for girls Santhapuram-Project No.20654

Manager: Mr. V.Christopher Daniel

Warden:Mrs. V.Lois Jebamathi

Details of the children and the staff

Total number of KNH Sponsored children                            37

Total number of Church sponsored children                       19

Children up to X Standard                                                        14

Extended children in the home                                               15

Extended children outside the project                                   08

Total number of children                                                          56


Warden                                                1

Asst. Warden                                      1

Cook                                                    1

Asst. Cook                                          1

Tuition Teachers                               3

Total number of staff                        7

The CSI Children’s home for boys, Moolachel-Project No.20655

Manager: Mr.S. Sathia Noble

Warden: Mr. P.Devadhason

Statistics of children and staff

Total number of KNH sponsored children                 38

KNH sponsored children inside                                  24

KNH sponsored-Extended                                           14

Fee paying                                                                       02

Total number of children                                              40


Warden                                     1

Asst. Warden                          1

Cook                                        1

Helper                                     1

Tuition Teachers                  2

CSI .Dr. Christudhas home for children, Udayarvilai-Project No.20668

Manager: Prof. (Mrs.) Jeevis Leital Truman

Warden: Mr. Jayaraj

Children and Staff Statistics

Total No of KNH sponsored children                                                39

Number of children up to St X                                                             28

Number of Extended children                                                            11

Number of Fee paying children                                                          03

Total number of children                                                                     42

Staff particulars

Warden                                               1

Asst. Warden                                     1

Cook                                                   2

Tuition Teacher                                2

Bishop Gnanadason Arivu Illam,Kotticode-Zion Hill,Project No.20662

Manager: Dr. Mrs. Ranee Felix

Warden: Mrs.S. Smily Bhama

Social worker: Mrs.G.Jasphin

Statistics of children and Staff

Total number of children                                            50




Warden                                   1

Asst. Warden                         1

Social worker                         1

Typist                                      1

Child helpers                        4

Cook                                       2

Kitchen helper                      1

School Staff

Teachers-Govt Aided             2

Teacher-KNH/CCCYC          7

Other workers

Watchman                               1

Kitchen helper                         1

Child helper                             3

It is a special home for mentally challenged boys and girls of different faith communities. It is taking care of children with varying degrees of mental disability. Presently there are sixty three children in the home. The bakery unit started in the center with seed money provided by the CCCYC and the machinery by the Diocese has been providing vocational training to five children.  There is problem in finding qualified personnel for appointment in the home as the salary structure for the newly appointed qualified hands by the CCCYC is very low.  There are two government aided staff members in the project. The government of Tamilnadu gives feeding grant and teaching grant to a few qualified teachers and technicians.

The CSI Transitional Resource Center for the differently abled and the CSISchool for the mentally retarded, Allencode-Project No.20667

Manager: Dr. Rajesh Sathiya

Warden: Mrs. Jeba Priya

Social worker: Mrs. Sunitha Rani

Particulars of Children and Staff

KNH/CCCYC Sponsored Children                                                   6

KNH/CCCYC Sponsored/Extended Children                                  4

Staff particulars

Warden                                                           1

Social worker                                                 1

Leather technician                                        1

Physiotherapy Polio Technician                 1

Child helper                                                    1

Cook                                                                1

Watchman-Gardner                                      1

Driver                                                               1

Tuition Teacher                                             1

Community Based Educators                    8

CSI School for the mentally retarded

School Staff Non KNH/CCCYC

Government aided teacher                          1

Non aided teachers                                       2

Child helper                                                    1

This project has undergone marked changes due to the shift in policy change brought about by the sponsoring body, the CCCYC, in the child care ministry’s focus. The Community and Institution Based Intervention, known as CIBI, with eight clusters of villages near and around Allencode, were identified and eight Community Based Educators called CBEs, appointed. The CIBI program has already taken off and is doing well.

The Moolachel Day Care Centre-Project No.20656

Manager:Mr. Aruldhas

In Charge : Mrs.C.Suseela Stanly-Crèche Nurse

Statistical information on students and Staff

Total number of children                                                                    55

Total number of school going children                                            28

Total number of pre-school children                                                27

Total number of children in PL category                                          2

Staff particulars

Crèche Nurses                                                 2

Cook                                                                   1

Kitchen Helper                                                 1

Tuition teacher                                                  2

The Pallikal Day Care Centre-Project No 20666

Manager: Mr. T. Russel Raj

Social Worker : Mrs. Ranjini Daniel

Some useful Statistics

Total Number children                                                            50

School going                                                     30

Preschool                                                          20

Staff particulars

Social worker                                                  1

Crèche Nurses                                               2

Helper                                                              1

Kitchen Helper                                               1

Cook                                                                1

Tuition Teacher                                             1

The Thittuvilai Day Care Centre-Project No.20663

Manager:Mr. Joseph Justin

In charge:

Statistics of children

Number of Children                                                                69

Number of School going children                                        40

Number of Pre-School children                                            20

Number of PL Children                                                          9

Staff Statistics

Crèche Nurses                                                 2

Helper                                                                1

Cook                                                                   1

Helper in the Kitchen                                       1

Tuition Teacher                                                2

The Irenipuram Day Care Centre- Project No. 20660

Manager: Mr. V.Rajadhas

In charge: Mrs .Vijayakumari

Some useful Statistics

Total Number of Children                                                         46

Total Number of School going children                                 26

Total Number of Pre- School Children                                   20

Staff particulars

Crèche Nurses                                                 2

Helper                                                                1

Cook                                                                   1

Tuition Teacher                                                1

“Let the children come to me, do not prevent them”…