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Rev. Ringletaube felt the need for technical education and a printing press in order to print material for the students. However, it was Rev. Charles Mead who conceptualized and started a Printing Press with funds from the L. M. S. in 1821 where the art of printing was imparted to many students. He was instrumental in buying a printing machine with all accessories which was dedicated for His Glory on 01 April, 1821, which gave employment to forty five persons. This was the first private printing house in Travancore where printing technology was taught by a technician, Mr. Adiyappan, from Tanjore, to students in Nagercoil. Printing works in Tamil, English, Malayalam and Hindi were undertaken and the first Tamil Bible translated by Rev. Irene was printed in this press. It became an instrument for publishing tract material as well as books for the schools which were used throughout Travancore. The Nagercoil Tract Society was formed to circulate the tracts. In 1830 another printing press was installed at Neyyoor by Rev. Mead and at Kollam where the L. M. S. missionaries had their education and evangelical mission. Due to the sudden demise of the missionaries, Rev. Dr. Leitch and Rev. Thompson, who were in charge of the printing press, the London Mission Society decided to get all the printing works done at Nagercoil. In 1861, Rev. Dennis was appointed by the L. M. S. as the Superintendent of all the Presses. The first Tamil monthly magazine “Desopakari” was published in 1861, which has a readership of over 5000.

After bifurcation of the state in 1950, the need for having another press was felt and in 1978 a press was started in Thuckalay and later in Marthandam.

Bicentenary year Celebrations

April 1, 2021 and April 9, 2021 CSI Diocesan Press, Nagercoil celebrated its bicentenary year with thanksgiving service, Special Day cover by the India Postal Department, and public meeting at Women Christian College, Nagercoil.